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Buyer Voice: How to Hire a Graphic Designer04 November 2009 | Management Tips | Guest Blogger We needed some design help for a couple projects that we knew would be short and simple for someone familiar with Photoshop and had a graphical eye, and turned to oDesk for help.

Through our experiences, we wanted to give buyers some advice on how to find a graphic designer to help improve a website, create a logo, or even develop a Twitter background, and pinpoint the one that can deliver the results that you’re looking for when it comes to graphic design for the web. Communicate your needs.What exactly do you want? Be as specific as possible: Provide dimensions of the final product, desired file types and sizes, and give some creative direction. Sometimes even sketches or Powerpoint mockups can help.

After all, a picture’s worth a thousand words! Provide examples of websites or graphics that you like.Even if you don’t have a vision of the final product, provide 3-5 examples of websites or logos that have design elements that you like or really don’t like. A brief sentence about why you like or don’t like something maybe the fonts are fine but you hate the colors will help the provider get a better sense of what direction to take the job. It’s even better if you can identify 1-2 websites with designs that you want the provider to emulate in style. Review the provider’s profile carefully.Look for a work history of completed projects with similar themes or deliverables to your project. If you’ll be incorporating text into your graphics, make sure providers are from an English-speaking country or have passed the U.S. English language tests with high marks.

Review the combination of the provider’s minimum number of hours worked, their total positive feedbacks AND read the reviews. Sometimes you can learn a lot from what is suggested about a provider in their feedback than what is in print. Comb the provider’s portfolio.To make sure you’re working with a pro, see if the graphics used incorporate good optimization practices, so that the images can load quickly without compromising the sharpness of the image. Usually this will take the form of smaller images to help make the page load quickly. Make sure the images aren’t of degraded quality ex. fuzzy, or grainy imagery, which can happen if a picture is over-optimized. Look at the variety of artwork across the portfolio. Note if the provider uses a variety of standard techniques such as gradients, shading, stock imagery, and incorporation of different fonts.Those are just a few suggestions on how to find a graphic designer on oDesk to help with your projects. We hope you have as much success with your provider as we had with ours!

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New Official Adobe CS5 Logos + Packaging | Logo Design Blog

New Official Adobe CS5 Logos + Packaging | Logo Design Blog.

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Today (12th April 2010) is the launch day of Adobe CS5 and with the new version comes a whole new set of logos and packaging. After some speculation we now can see the official logos of Adobe CS5, now with 3D and an extra colour added in.

I think it’s a nice gradual change and I think the extra colour will make it easier to distinguish each product rather than the full black letters of the old logos, though I would be interested to know the design decisions behind the 3D aspect on some of the logos – maybe to make them pop more on our desktops?

What do you think?

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Inspire Technology

Powered for the future.  From Microsoft’s Vision of the Future technology changing every time.

Sources: google, youtube;  This article is all about my perspective towards the rapid evolution of technologies that change and affect the people’s life.  This also includes my reaction about the video which I want to showcase on you guys.  Kindly follow the link and see how this video makes you think for the future.

After I watched this video, I was amazed and thought of a lot of things that would be happen in the future. Then, I started thinking of a few questions:  How would they invent these technologies? Do these stuffs exist already? When they will be going to render these technologies to the public? And would this vision closer to reality? I think these would take many years to complete and huge investment to fulfill.

With the Microsoft’s vision for the future technology, the prophecy of advance technologies that would dominate in all industry will bring about to reality. However, several inevitable arguments might emerge and result on advantages and disadvantages issues pertaining to workforce resource and health risk factors attributed in exposing to high-tech machines as well as others thought that these would disrupt the planet.

In my perspective on the effectives and usability of this modern technology, will be bringing many people into a productive mode towards work, and communication and business dealings will be more achievable and accurate. Additionally, these high-tech technologies has shortened the distance between cultures, and made the world smaller and interactive.

But the big question is, what does it take for those people who are not capable of acquiring such technology for their living? Will they become outdated and remain living with the traditional way? How much would it cost? And would it be necessary to obtain these sophisticated things merely to be part of the advance living? Obviously, these are just part of the arising apprehensions.

 Well, let us just lay our future to the developers holding this vision as these will make our life easy, convenient, and productive. Finally, these undying innovations of technology inspire and connect people as we meant to live as one.

Watch the video now, share and start telling your folks that we have brilliant and really modernized technologies in the future.

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